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Miniature Building Authority:  creating your building at a time
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Company Information

The Miniature Building Authority is the brain-child of Kirk Stephens. It began when a customer of his at The War Room, Jim Elmore, showed him some gaming sized homes (25mm) that he had scratch built in his spare time. Jim is an experienced commercial modelmaker and is very creative. They worked out a plan where Kirk bought the originals from Jim in the hopes of one day beginning a company to sell them.

The name, Miniature Building Authority, was thought up one night by a friend of ours, John Reno. Said half in jest, we decided we liked the name and he has been rather pleased with himself ever since (Thank you Reno!)

Parry entered the picture when Kirk was practicing his sales pitch for banks on him. Parry either got tired of hearing the sales pitch and wanted to make Kirk stop, or he decided it sounded good and wanted to invest in the business. Either way, that is how Parry got into the picture.

Claudia is Kirk's long suffering wife as well as the web developer for this site. She works pretty 'round the clock doing her best to perfect this site and make improvements as they are needed. Three cheers for Claudia!! (if I do say so myself).

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